The Science of the Immaculate Concept

21 Mar

The immaculate concept is defined as any pure thought held by one part of life for and on behalf of another part of life.  It is the essential ingredient to true healing, in fact the essential ingredient for every alchemical experiment, without which it will not succeed.  The ability to hold the image of the perfect pattern to be precipitated, to see the vision of a project complete, to draw a mental picture, to retain it and to fill it in with light and love and joy:  these are keys to the science of the immaculate concept that Mother Mary and Saint Germain teach.

A certain understanding of this science has filtered through the metaphysical movements of the past century.  The science of the immaculate concept is based on the realization that God has made man in his image and likeness; and therefore behind the outer manifestation, there is a perfect reality and a perfect form.

God is the supreme practitioner of the science of the immaculate concept.  No matter how far man might wander from his individuality, God ever beholds man in his image of Reality in which he created him.  We must have clearly in mind that the natural state of being is wholeness, is oneness with God, is the perfection of the Law.  The perfection, this law, this being, is the True Self that exists behind the outer manifestation of an absence of wholeness.  In reality, this is the Real Self that we would become.

This science of the immaculate concept is the law that is written in the inward parts of man, known by his very heart of hearts, yet dim in the memory of his outer mind.  It is based on the visualization of a perfect idea that then becomes a magnet that attracts the creative energies of the Holy Spirit to his being to fulfill the pattern held in mind.

1040.tif                                        cyclopea eye

We can visual the All-Seeing Eye of God superimposed over our third-eye-chakra.  Using the gift of God of clear seeing, we behold the perfect Master.   We see before us Jesus the Christ. We have his image clearly in mind, as he is a key figure in our overcoming.  Or we may visualize the Buddha, or Kuan Yin or Mother Mary.


We translate the perfection of these sons and daughters of God to our own self, and in the calmness of our meditation upon God we know that this identity is also native to us.  Then we begin to mentally affirm that perfection, even as we verbalize that perfection through the science of the spoke Word.

Having seen what you are in Spirit and what is the potential of your soul, you must retain that image of Reality in your thoughts and feelings.  For the image is a natural repellent to all that opposes you Reality in manifestation, and the perfect idea becomes a magnet that attracts creative energies of the Holy Spirit to your being to fulfill the patterns held in the mind.

We can also practice this science for others.  As we hold the image of healing and perfection for them, this becomes the matrix that the light can fill in to bring about healing, even while we fulfill the practical steps in the physical plane to assist in that healing.


Hilarion the Healer, The editors of The Summit Lighthouse Library,


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