Mystics and Scientists Agree On the Benefit of Repeating Prayers

25 Nov

Mystics and Scientists Agree on the Benefit of Repeating Prayers


Both mystics and scientists have demonstrated the benefits of repetitive prayer.

Hindus and Buddhists tell us that repetition allows the mind to focus on God.

Repetitive prayer is more prominent in Eastern religion than in Christianity, but it is still an important part of religious life in the West. Protestants sing hymns and offer lengthy prayers, depending on the denomination. Catholics recite the rosary repeating the Our Father and the Hail Mary, celebrate the Mass, sing hymns and experience peace in the sounds of ancient Gregorian chants. (The Cathars used to repeat the Lord’s Prayer as many as forty times a day.)

Jewish mystics described a similar feeling after repeating the names of God. They called it a transforming moment in which they entered the highest state of consciousness possible for human beings.

The Eastern Orthodox Church has also preserved a tradition of repetitive prayer.

From the Buddhists and Hindu mala (Sanskrit “garland”), to the Catholic rosary, Anglican prayer beads, to the Muslim misbaja many faiths have a form of prayer beads to track their repetitive prayer rituals.

But for centuries, skeptics pooh-poohed repetitive prayer as a superstition without measurable benefit, often confusing Jesus’ remonstration against rote prayer to include all repetitive prayer. Now, science has come to the aid of religion—a doctor at Harvard Medical School documenting beneficial physical effects from repetitive prayer, including the very prayers that monks used for centuries.

Many who decree have also felt this oneness with God.

Experience With Repetitive Prayer

Ann, who has decreed for fifteen years, says:

“You get to a point where you feel that your I AM Presence is decreeing through you, that you’re the vessel and that the I AM Presence is doing the work. You are connected to God; but it’s not your power, it’s God’s. You’re in sync with God. It’s a high that’s different from any artificial high that you could get.”

Decrees, fiats and mantras are all meant to be repeated. In the East, people repeat their mantras over and over, even thousands of times a day.

But in the West we are not accustomed to the idea of repeating a prayer. People often ask, “Why should I have to ask God for something more than once?”

Repeating a decree is not simply making a request over and over. It is an energy equation.

Each time you repeat a decree, you are building a momentum. Every moment God’s energy is flowing to you from your I AM Presence through your crystal cord. You are intensifying the power of the decree as you energize it with more and more of God’s light.

So while you are giving your decrees, you are continuously charging the energy moving through you with God’s power. The more you decree, the more positive energy you can send out into the world for the blessing of yourself and others.

Decrees are normally given three times or in multiples of three. This keys into the power of the Trinity and creates a multiplication factor for the added impetus of the “three-times-three,” or the power of nine.

Decrees Build The Necessary Spiritual Momentum

Imagine you are sitting on the bank of a river and you pour a gallon of purple dye into it. The water in front of you turns a deep purple, but as soon as that section of the river moves downstream, the water in front of you is clear again. If you wanted to color the entire river purple, you would have to keep pouring huge vats of purple dye into it.

It’s the same way with decreeing. Even if you decree for only a few minutes, your decrees will affect a situation. But sometimes a condition is so serious that it needs ongoing decree work. Saying a decree once is not enough to overcome major challenges any more than using the same energy that you use to push a bike to push a car. It is a simple law of physics, something can only be moved by something of equal or greater mass.

For example, if you are considering a major career change and you want to be sure of your next step, you would probably want to decree daily for God’s direction in your life until you feel sure that you have built up a momentum of attuning to God’s will and that you have your answer, free from the momentums of your human thought and emotional habit patterns.

If you are concerned about a loved one who is undergoing surgery, you would give healing decrees on his or her behalf throughout the entire operation and during their healing process.

If there is a crisis on the world scene, you would want to continue praying on that issue each day until you see a definite improvement in the situation.


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  1. Beatriz December 27, 2014 at 7:54 am #

    Muy hermosa enseñanza, estudiarlas es maravilloso, porque se comprende la vida de los Maestros y nos deja esa enseñanza en el corazon y el espiritu

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