A Spoken Prayer with An Angelic Answer

17 Jun

An Angel Shows Carla Why She Should Pray Out Loud

An Angel Shows Carla Why She Should Pray Out Loud

When Carla first heard about decrees, she couldn’t understand why she had to give them out loud.

“I was by nature inclined to silence and meditation,” she says. “Decrees seemed like silly verses to me.”

A persistent friend encouraged her to use them, so one day she decided to give them another try.

She said a silent prayer, “God, explain to me why I should do this. If there’s any value and positive action in decrees, show me!”

Experience With Violet Flame Decree

As soon as she began to give the violet flame decree “I AM the Violet Flame” she had the following experience in which an angel answered her prayer:

I felt myself lifted into another realm of consciousness. An intense pink-white light enveloped me, and from behind I heard the rushing of powerful wings approaching at great speed.

Somehow I knew that it was an angel. Then I realized I was still giving the decree.

I saw how the words of the decree were changed into energy that in turn formed into a large sphere of glowing white light right in front of my mouth.

The moment the sphere formed, two beautiful hands plucked it from my lips and disappeared with it at lightning speed. Then the vision faded.

It all happened in a split second. The light around me subsided and I floated back into my normal consciousness.

I don’t know who the angel was, but I was left with a vivid understanding of what happens when we give decrees and I’ve given them ever since.



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