God as the Divine Mother and Holy Spirit – The Christian Mystic

9 May

God as Holy Spirit and Divine Mother

The dawning age of Aquarius brings us the awareness of God as the Holy Spirit and as the Divine Mother. In this age the divine Feminine is destined to be exalted in both male and female as the sacred fire that rises on the altar of our

being.  In this age our soul is destined to don the wedding garment for her fusion with the Divine Mother and the Holy Spirit. The condition we must fulfill is self transcendence through divine love. We can see ourselves as we see God,

there is no other model for our spiritual being. This is a fundamental principle of the path of mysticism. If we polish our soul and polish the mirror of the soul and direct that mirror through attention to God, then we will always be able to

look in the mirror of our soul and see God. Thus, the unfoldment of God’s identity within us and our identification with it will culminate in our direct experience of God followed by our union with God. This is the goal of all of our past

incarnations and the goal of our life today.


A Divine Spark within Every Soul


Meister Eckhart taught:

“There is something in the soul that is so akin to God that it is one with him…God’s seed is within us. …There is a part of the soul that is untouched by time or mortality; it proceeds out of the Spirit and remains eternally in the Spirit and is

divine…Here God glows and flames without ceasing, in all His abundance and sweetness and rapture.”

Becoming God 

What is Mysticism?

Mysticism is the vital, animating element at the heart of every religion. The aspiration of every mystic is one and the same: union with God.

“The mystics are those who seek a direct experience of the Presence of God. They yearn to know God, to see God and to be one with God—now.

The aspiration of every mystic is one and the same: union with God. Spiritual marriage, they tell us, is not merely a conforming to the ways and will of God but a total transforming of the soul into God….

And this is the heart of the teaching that you only whisper: The soul that is transformed into God, is God.”

Unceasing Communion

The mystics taught that true prayer does not take place just at peak moments of the day or week. True prayer is unceasing communion with God even in the midst of daily activities. As Teresa of Avila said, we should talk with

God about even the smallest concerns of our day. Our conversation with him can take place anywhere. In his First Epistle to the Thessalonians, Paul urged them to “pray without ceasing.” To me unceasing prayer is like being

in love. When you are in love, you are always thinking of the beloved. When you are in love with God, you can never take your attention off of him.  You are consumed by spiritual passion. Moments apart from him are an

agony. Nothing else will comfort you but his love as he rekindles the fiery ecstasy of heart-to-heart communion.


At the Very Core of Mysticism Is Love

At the very core of mysticism is love: indeed, there can be, there is no mysticism without love. And love, as long as it is the Matter plane, includes in itself suffering. This is one of the very careful facts of the existence of love:  If we are not

willing to suffer, then we are not willing to love.   The piercing of the soul and the piercing of the heart through suffering is part of the mystery of love. When we take on the love of God and the love within our hearts, it becomes a burning,

transmutative fire infolding itself that Ezekiel observed. Now this vortex of energy, whirling in its center, the more intense it becomes, the more it magnetizes, like a whirlwind, almost like a tornado, everything around itself into the flame.

Why is this so? It is because the core of all creation is God, is fire, is sacred fire, and that white-fire core can never be tampered with. That which is misqualified is the energy in the spheres around the core, but the core, or nucleus, is an

energy field of Spirit in  matter.  That energy is God and remains God but it is imprisoned in the matrices of imperfection in which we have encased it.


True love means that we love the light of God that is in the core enough to be willing to tangle with and transmute the misqualified energies that surround it.  That is the meaning of God being crucified in matter.  So the soul that truly loves

God chooses to set free this misqualified energy. Karma is opportunity to free electrons.


Becoming God, The Path of the Christian Mystic by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, TSL.org


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