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What Does Your Aura Say About You?

31 May

The Aura – Your Cosmic Signature

Your Aura is Your Unique Energetic
Cosmic Signature

Human aura, your cosmic signature

What sages and mystics have known for centuries, science is now proving. The aura is real! It is the emanation of the life force that surrounds every man, woman and child.

Our auras are like fingerprints. No two are exactly alike. Our aura is distinctly our own, built over thousands of lifetimes and millions of choices. In a sense, our aura is our cosmic signature…and it is dynamic in nature, because we change it daily.

Your Aura Changes Day to Day
and Choice by Choice

Through our thoughts, words and deeds, we constantly affect our auras. By our free will choices, we may add to the color and intensity of our aura…or dull and diminish its luster. And though most of us cannot see our auras or the auras of others, we sense them.

We Constantly “Read” Auras

Ever had a strong feeling about someone you’ve just encountered – a stranger on the street, perhaps? Most likely, you tuned in to that person’s auric signature. We literally take an auric “reading” of everyone we meet, and because this reading generally bypasses our rational mind, we can usually rely on the truth of the signals we pick up.

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Kuthumi’s Exercise to Strengthen Your Aura

In The Human Aura, the master Kuthumi teaches a threefold exercise that we can give to strengthen the sheath of the aura so that we can maintain the consciousness of Christ, of God, of Buddha, of Mother.

For this exercise, you can sit in a lotus posture or in a chair with your hands and feet uncrossed. Your spine should be erect and your eyes closed. You begin by visualizing the threefold flame expanding from within your heart.

The threefold flame is the energy of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit—of power, wisdom and love. Its three plumes are blue, yellow and pink. In our studies with the ascended masters, we always begin with the flame in the heart because it is the point of our own reality; it is the spark of life and our seat of consciousness.

Once you have visualized the threefold flame, the next step is to seal yourself and your consciousness in a globe of white fire. Visualize a sphere of white light around the threefold flame within the heart. See this globe of white fire expand and see yourself inside an imaginary sphere, or world.

When we have this visualization and we are set and our meditation is firmly upon the flame in the heart, we proceed to recite the following words, as Kuthumi says, “with utter humility and devotion”:


I AM Light by the Ascended Master Kuthumi

I AM Light, glowing Light,
Radiating Light, intensified Light.
God consumes my darkness,
Transmuting it into Light.

This day I AM a focus of the Central Sun.
Flowing through me is a crystal river,
A living fountain of Light
That can never be qualified
By human thought and feeling.
I AM an outpost of the Divine.
Such darkness as has used me is swallowed up
By the mighty river of Light which I AM.

I AM, I AM, I AM Light;
I live, I live, I live in Light.
I AM Light’s fullest dimension;
I AM Light’s purest intention.
I AM Light, Light, Light
Flooding the world everywhere I move,
Blessing, strengthening, and conveying
The purpose of the kingdom of heaven. x9

How to Build a Forcefield of Light

It is complete and basic. Kuthumi gives us this simple mantra so that we will practice it and use it again and again. Out of this worded matrix, we actually build within our aura a forcefield that is a geometric matrix, like a geodesic dome.

Some people don’t realize that a mantra or prayer is actually a forcefield of energy that is reinforced each time it is given. This is why the Our Father and the Hail Mary are so powerful—because they have been given by devotees again and again for centuries.

We can give Kuthumi’s mantra for the development of a tremendous momentum of white light and the wisdom of God. It brings us to the realization that God can and does dwell within us. When we draw nigh to him, he draws nigh to us. When we give mantras to God, not only does God draw nigh but the angelic hosts also gather for the strengthening of the aura.

Master Kuthumi’s Etheric Retreat

Kuthumi’s “I AM Light” mantra is also given in his retreat in Kashmir. Kuthumi, the master of the Golden Robe, trains students who are on the ray of wisdom in the art of meditation and the science of the Word so that they may become master psychologists of their own psyche, or soul.

The Summit Lighthouse


Memorial Day Dictation From Master Saint Germain

26 May

Master Saint Germain on Memorial Day

Memorial Day Master Saint Germain Dictation Mark Prophet 5-22-59Master Saint Germain –
A Memorial Day Dictation
through Mark L. Prophet

The following is an excerpt from an ascended master dictation through the Messenger Mark L. Prophet published in the Pearls of Wisdom®.

To Our Gracious Readers, Dedicated to Love’s Service the World Around—Our Beloved Saint Germain Speaks:

As the anniversary of Memorial Day approaches again this year, in addition to the more sober moments of contemplation it brings to mind, I am hoping that it shall also bring to all who so enjoy the blessings of this great land, most joyous feelings of sincere and loving gratitude for all the endeavors (and tremendous energies expended therein) of the unascended of this world, as well as those of the ascended host—to produce and maintain as much freedom as you do enjoy here.

Take heart—beloved ones! The so-called “dead” you honor today have not died in vain for, in the permanent golden age into which the earth and all her evolutions are now entering, there shall be no more war—no! nor even memory of it—for there is coming here the reign of eternal peace.

Truly, America was designed from our octave and given so much assistance from there to be “the land of the free….”!

Now, every nation and its people are dear to our hearts—for all are some expression of God’s Life and His Life is the only Life there is. Each nation has a divine plan of its own to fulfill and, according to their divine destinies, the various nations of the world represent the various parts of the earth’s body”. Therefore, in the new age, the land of India shall represent the “head” of such an “earth body” and the land of America the “heart”. Take notice, please, that the name “India” begins with the letter “I” and “America” with “Am”. Is this not significant?

The land of America—in the main so little understood by most of the dear lifestreams she shelters—is of far more importance to all life on this planet than most imagine. America is a land somewhat different from others—for she has gathered to her bosom many from every land who love freedom. Since that particular virtue is the one I personally embody (and is my “reason for being”), these individuals are particularly dear to my heart. Is not America considered to be “the melting pot” of the world?

You will remember the words “Conceived in Liberty….” which appear in the “Gettysburg Address” spoken so eloquently by the beloved Abraham Lincoln nearly a century ago. Privileged was I to have inspired the words of that address.

Therefore, designed from our octave also was the idea of placing the great Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor—that open door to your great land. The radiating light and flame of divine love from the gracious Goddess of Liberty through that statue (whose “likeness” it is) is a much more powerful protection to your Eastern seaboard and entire nation than any unascended being has any idea.

As a gigantic focus of true Mother-love, illumination and protective power, that statue is shown holding in its left arm a book and in its right hand a torch. Why this particular symbology? Also—why are those God-inspired words of blessed Emma Lazarus inscribed upon the statue’s base:

“Give me your tired—your poor—Your huddled masses—yearning to breathe free….I lift My lamp beside the Golden Door!”

Surely no one thinks these words to express mere sentimentality; they convey very real meaning to all who will think upon them.

What is real liberty? It is opportunity to use life constructively and so fulfill one’s divine plan (or “reason for being”).

The word “liberty” comes from “libra” which means “book” and the book held in the left arm of the Statue of Liberty represents “The book which contains the Law of Life”.

The torch, of course, represents illumination, by means of which all who live in America and all who enter therein from elsewhere may be enabled not only to read—but completely to understand and apply the Law of Life—I AM—which understanding and loving co-operation therewith brings true freedom!

Many are the love shrines and foci of the accumulated energies of lifestreams who, in the past, have loved liberty and freedom more than life itself in many lands—sacrificing their all for them.

To our beloved chelas in every land we say—”Be ever grateful—even as we of the ascended host are—for every one and every activity in your land which has brought and is now bringing greater light and liberty to your people”.
We mention America in this Pearl today because of her divine destiny—that for which she was created—to be the heart of the world in the permanent golden age which is quite rapidly opening before all.

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty! Therefore, a strong and grateful love for one’s country (not only his native land but also for his “adopted” nation) and a fervently determined desire to have them well-governed and invincibly protected at all times should not be considered as belonging only to a specified few who are able to dedicate their entire time and energies thereto.

Our loyal chelas will do all they can to this end—making at least one daily call to us and like calls should also go forth from every beating heart who lives, moves and has his (or her) being within the spacious borders of this dear land.

Will you give us of your life for this purpose that we may have the authority necessary to be given from your octave—to enable us to act for you?

Your manifest Freedom—I AM—Saint Germain (The Ascended Master)

Note: Gracious reader! May we offer a suggested decree for daily use?

“Beloved ‘I AM’ Presence—
I thank thee for my birth
Into that lovely nation
Which has been ‘home’ for me on earth.

“Now be that land America—
Or elsewhere on earth’s sod;
I call through her Love’s violet fire
To raise her now to God.

“Give Cosmic Light’s protection
To all that’s good and true;
Hold Freedom there inviolate—
Let God’s Will govern too!

“Hold for her and her people
Eternal Peace to reign;
Until for every nation
Light governs there again!”

This ascended master dictation by the Master Saint Germain is published in its entirety in the Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 2 no. 20, May 22, 1959.

The Pearls of Wisdom® have been published continuously by The Summit Lighthouse since 1958.  The Pearls of Wisdom contain authentic dictations, teachings of the Ascended Masters—the mystics and sages of East and West who have graduated from earth’s schoolroom and attained union with God. They are now available electronically as ePearls (PDF Pearls of Wisdom sent by email)

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The 9 Steps to Precipitation

23 May

Nine Steps to Precipitation

Nine Steps of Precipitation
By Saint Germain

1. Light is the alchemical key!

Affirm: “Let there be light! Let there be light where I AM THAT I AM!”

2. Create a mind blueprint of the object you wish to produce.
This should incorporate definite size, proportion, substance, density, color and quality in detailed picture form. Give the Higher Mind, or Christ Self, the responsibility for designing and perfecting the embryonic ideas and patterns of your creation.

3. Determine where you wish the object to manifest.

4. Memorize its atomic pattern.
If you know the material substance of which it is composed, memorize its atomic pattern. If not, call to the Divine Intelligence within your Higher Mind to register the pattern for you from the Universal Intelligence and impress it upon your memory body and your mind.

5. Call for light to take on the atomic pattern to coalesce around that pattern and then to “densify” into form.

6. Call for the multiplication of this atomic structure until molecules of substance begin to fill the void occupying the space in which you desire the object to appear.

7. Ask for the full lowering of the atomic density into three-dimensional form and substance within the pattern established by the matrix of your mind.

8. When the visualization of the blueprint within your mind is complete, immediately seal it.

Visualize a blue light around yourself, your matrix and its manifestation.

9. a. Protect your creative intent and, as Jesus said, “Go and tell no man.”

9. b. Await results.
Despair destroys the very faith upon which your experiment is built. You must hold your faith as you hold the gossamer veil composing the mental image.
If you have spent years in the grip of human emotions, these records must be consumed by the alchemical fires of the violet flame to make way for the nobler ideas and forms you would image forth.

9. c. To your new ideas you must give your time and your energy.
How important is the service of ordered prayer. Prayer opens the door of God’s intervention in human affairs.

⋄ ⋄ ⋄ ⋄ ⋄ ⋄ ⋄

Alchemists of the sacred fire, here is the sacred cosmic formula:
Theos = God
Rule = Law
You = Being
Theos + Rule + You = God’s law active as Principle within your being (TRY).




Adapted from Creative Abundance, by Elizabeth Clare Prophet & Mark L. Prophet

Gautama Buddha: A Celebration of Wesak

14 May

Gautama Buddha – Cosmic Master of the Seventh Ray – Wesak

Cloud of Violet Flame from Gautama Buddha WesakCloud of Violet Flame from Gautama Buddha

The following is an excerpt from an ascended master dictation by The Great Divine Director, through the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet, published in the Pearls of Wisdom®.

For the Lord of the World of this planet is a Cosmic Master of the Seventh Ray and age and violet flame; and therefore it is fitting that he should embody that mantle and office of Lord of the World as this earth is passing, or not passing, initiations to enter that age.

Blessed hearts, you know not what you have in the person of Lord Gautama, for this Master alone stands between mankind and the debacle of her oncoming karma.

I submit to you in this hour of Wesak that you pledge your hearts to the Lord of the World to amplify and blend your causal bodies of violet flame with his own, that Saint Germain might have in you, multiplying your forces with Gautama, a champion and that a sphere of light, of violet flame, might grow between the causal body of Gautama and your own attainment here below, and that causal body should begin as a cloud the size of a man’s hand and should grow and grow and grow that the earth might be contained within this fiery cloud of violet flame.

Will you not take the ritual of the cloud given to you by Saint Germain in your Intermediate Studies in Alchemy and take the tape of this and offer the ritual of the cloud and call forth a cloud of violet flame from the causal bodies of every member of the Great White Brotherhood in heaven and on earth? This, beloved, this will give pause to the Lords of Karma and the Four and Twenty Elders and cause there to be a mitigation of those prophecies that have been released through our Messenger.

Violet Flame Mitigates Karma

And where there is not a full turning back of karma predicted there may be a mitigation, and if not for mankind, surely, I say, surely there will be for those Lightbearers who have read the signs of the times, who have seen what the future portends and have kept the flame. The Lord does reward every man and woman and child according to his word and his work, according to his honor, to his service, and to his love toward every part of life.

Blessed hearts, no matter what does happen to mankind or this planet, you, by your alignment with God and your offering of these violet flame decrees to save a world, will have stored in your causal body and in your chakras such a mighty momentum of violet flame that your victory in the Light shall be assured.

Thus, wherever we are in cosmos we live to serve the Light and the evolutions of which we are a part; and we live to offer that invocation and mantra to increase the rings of our causal body and our chakras, even as the trees in the forest add the ring each year.

So, beloved, this twofold reason for being does always result in that which you send forth returning to you in toto multiplied ten thousand times ten thousand. As you sow light you shall reap light. As you are in the Light (i.e., Christ consciousness) you shall find yourself in the Light of a golden age somewhere beyond time and space.

Golden Age of Aquarius

Let us hope that by your effort, that which is above, which is called the kingdom of heaven, which is indeed the golden age of Aquarius in etheric octaves, may be on earth as it is in heaven. This will come only if those on earth embody it.

And so you see, all predictions and prophecies of a golden age come down to and rest upon the free will of those who see and know and understand the exercise of the science of the spoken Word as an effective means to the realization of that golden age on earth.

If you choose to embody that age and you make those sacrifices whereby many are converted through the Holy Spirit by your example, you may see that age manifest of a glory and of an opportunity, of a science beyond all imagination, of the alchemy and of the development of the mind potential and the heart potential such as has not been seen in this world since prior golden ages that are beyond history’s memory in this hour.

This ascended master dictation by the Great Divine Director is published in its entirety in the Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 32 no. 31, July 30, 1989. The dictation was given in New York City and is entitled, “The Divine Plan for the Aquarian AgePlanet Earth Hangs in the Balance; A Dispensation for the Sponsorship of Twin Flames; Call Forth a Cloud of Violet Flame from Gautama Buddha.”


Gautama Buddha on January 1, 1956, became Lord of the World, holding at inner levels the office of the highest governing being in the spiritual hierarchy for a planet and its people; Lord Gautama Buddha, has served the earth and her evolutions through many embodiments, experiencing great illumination during the Lemurian epoch.

Born in northern India in 563 B.C. as Prince Siddartha, he was early convinced of the emptiness of worldly life, and he sought earnestly for a revelation of holy wisdom.

Relinquishing his earthly kingdom and severing all human ties, he lifted the cup of his attention until he became one with his own God Source. Thus wholly one with divine truth, he passed the initiations leading to the attainment of the Buddhic level of consciousness.

Returning to the human form—now transfigured—he was known among his people as the Enlightened One, which is the meaning of the word Buddha. Functioning in his physical body, he became the teacher of teachers expounding the Middle Way.

Gautama passed through the ritual of the ascension in the month of May at the close of that embodiment. He remained in the planes of nirvana until the mid-twentieth century when he addressed and continues to address (from ascended state) the mankind of earth through his readied instruments.

Each year in May on a plateau on the northern slope of the Himalayas, the Wesak festival is held to commemorate Lord Gautama’s birth, his attainment of Buddhahood and his ascension in the light.

At that time, Gautama Buddha addresses disciples on several planes and the radiation of the Buddha is anchored in the world of form through his Electronic Presence.  All of life receives his blessing, including angels, elementals, and souls walking the path of individual Christhood.

Gautama Wesak Meditation Teaching copyright








The Pearls of Wisdom® have been published continuously by The Summit Lighthouse since 1958.  The Pearls of Wisdom contain authentic dictations, teachings of the Ascended Masters—the mystics and sages of East and West who have graduated from earth’s schoolroom and attained union with God. They are now available electronically as ePearls (PDF Pearls of Wisdom sent by email

God as the Divine Mother and Holy Spirit – The Christian Mystic

9 May

God as Holy Spirit and Divine Mother

The dawning age of Aquarius brings us the awareness of God as the Holy Spirit and as the Divine Mother. In this age the divine Feminine is destined to be exalted in both male and female as the sacred fire that rises on the altar of our

being.  In this age our soul is destined to don the wedding garment for her fusion with the Divine Mother and the Holy Spirit. The condition we must fulfill is self transcendence through divine love. We can see ourselves as we see God,

there is no other model for our spiritual being. This is a fundamental principle of the path of mysticism. If we polish our soul and polish the mirror of the soul and direct that mirror through attention to God, then we will always be able to

look in the mirror of our soul and see God. Thus, the unfoldment of God’s identity within us and our identification with it will culminate in our direct experience of God followed by our union with God. This is the goal of all of our past

incarnations and the goal of our life today.


A Divine Spark within Every Soul


Meister Eckhart taught:

“There is something in the soul that is so akin to God that it is one with him…God’s seed is within us. …There is a part of the soul that is untouched by time or mortality; it proceeds out of the Spirit and remains eternally in the Spirit and is

divine…Here God glows and flames without ceasing, in all His abundance and sweetness and rapture.”

Becoming God 

What is Mysticism?

Mysticism is the vital, animating element at the heart of every religion. The aspiration of every mystic is one and the same: union with God.

“The mystics are those who seek a direct experience of the Presence of God. They yearn to know God, to see God and to be one with God—now.

The aspiration of every mystic is one and the same: union with God. Spiritual marriage, they tell us, is not merely a conforming to the ways and will of God but a total transforming of the soul into God….

And this is the heart of the teaching that you only whisper: The soul that is transformed into God, is God.”

Unceasing Communion

The mystics taught that true prayer does not take place just at peak moments of the day or week. True prayer is unceasing communion with God even in the midst of daily activities. As Teresa of Avila said, we should talk with

God about even the smallest concerns of our day. Our conversation with him can take place anywhere. In his First Epistle to the Thessalonians, Paul urged them to “pray without ceasing.” To me unceasing prayer is like being

in love. When you are in love, you are always thinking of the beloved. When you are in love with God, you can never take your attention off of him.  You are consumed by spiritual passion. Moments apart from him are an

agony. Nothing else will comfort you but his love as he rekindles the fiery ecstasy of heart-to-heart communion.


At the Very Core of Mysticism Is Love

At the very core of mysticism is love: indeed, there can be, there is no mysticism without love. And love, as long as it is the Matter plane, includes in itself suffering. This is one of the very careful facts of the existence of love:  If we are not

willing to suffer, then we are not willing to love.   The piercing of the soul and the piercing of the heart through suffering is part of the mystery of love. When we take on the love of God and the love within our hearts, it becomes a burning,

transmutative fire infolding itself that Ezekiel observed. Now this vortex of energy, whirling in its center, the more intense it becomes, the more it magnetizes, like a whirlwind, almost like a tornado, everything around itself into the flame.

Why is this so? It is because the core of all creation is God, is fire, is sacred fire, and that white-fire core can never be tampered with. That which is misqualified is the energy in the spheres around the core, but the core, or nucleus, is an

energy field of Spirit in  matter.  That energy is God and remains God but it is imprisoned in the matrices of imperfection in which we have encased it.


True love means that we love the light of God that is in the core enough to be willing to tangle with and transmute the misqualified energies that surround it.  That is the meaning of God being crucified in matter.  So the soul that truly loves

God chooses to set free this misqualified energy. Karma is opportunity to free electrons.


Becoming God, The Path of the Christian Mystic by Elizabeth Clare Prophet,


The Daily Descent of karma

3 May

Chela on the karma balancing path


Elizabeth Clare Prophet teaches that the best way she can explain the descent of karma is that each day our karma comes down to us in a little brown paper bag. If we can rise early and give our prayers and fiats quickly before we go to work—or whatever is on our schedule—we can get a great percentage of that day’s karma out of the way.

However, a portion of the day’s karma that is sent our way may be from actions dating all the way back to our lives on Lemuria and Atlantis. If we don’t clear it, it just sits on us all day long and piles up in our electronic belt.

Without being too concerned about it, we can accept that each day we are going to have a certain amount of karma returned to us because we asked for it and set ourselves on the path to the ascension. Our karma is also returning to us more speedily than to those not on the Path, but by the grace of God and by the mercy of the violet flame we can daily transmute it if we will.

Freedom from the bondage of karma can come only when the law of cause and effect has been fully worked out. Jesus himself revealed this law when he said, “Heaven and earth shall pass away but my words shall not pass away,”6 and “One jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law till all be fulfilled.”7

By divine mercy and grace, individuals have had hidden from their eyes the extent to which they have lowered their standards throughout their lifetimes. Mercifully, we have had a veil of forgetfulness placed over our eyes at birth. Thus, we do not remember the things we have done in past lives when we didn’t know the law and didn’t realize what we were doing.

Think That Your Karma Is Light

It is better to think that one’s karma is light rather than heavy. For when people think they have a heavy karma, they become worried or depressed about it and become lethargic, almost unwilling to begin paying off the karmic debt, feeling that it is too overpowering to contemplate.

If we feel we have a heavy karma, we may say, “What is the use? I just can’t do it. I have so much going against me that there is no use even trying.”

When individuals believe their karma to be light and they begin to release it swiftly into the sacred fire, a great feeling of joy sweeps through their being. Joy has the ability to cause us to relax and it can free us from problems that we may have carried for centuries.

Some people may shrug and say, “Well, it’s just my karma” and stop trying. They just accept karma as extra weight without realizing that God offers us his mercy and grace to help us surmount it. Unfortunately, the karma is there–it’s a fact. We cannot ignore it, for we created it in the first place.

However, there is another side to this equation: We can’t just slide along day by day either, making little effort to balance our karma because we think everything will turn out all right in the end. Remember, we have been told that the ascension is not an automatic process. We have to work for it!

We have been given the knowledge of the violet flame to transmute our karma–all the misqualified energy in our electronic belt. And this comes not by our merit but by grace, by the love of God. It is his gift to us!

We have a choice. When we realize we have sent forth injustice and by cosmic justice that injustice will return to us, will we endure this karma forever? Will we multiply it again and create a bigger injustice because we are resentful? Or will we call upon the Lord, invoke his Holy Spirit, his violet flame, and ask that all life that we have ever wronged anywhere, anytime, be blessed and freed from this burden?


In our discussion of karma we must include the concept of grace. There is a way out and grace is a great part of it! I am sure that none of us could ever make it by ourselves. We try and try as hard as we can, and then the grace of God takes over and carries us the rest of the way home.

A song that you may have sung in Sunday school is called “Amazing Grace.” One of the verses says, “‘Tis grace hath brought me safe thus far and grace will lead me home.” When you look back over all the millions of years of embodiments, see how wise it is to hold on to that concept of grace, for it can sustain you through many a dark day. Nevertheless, we have been offered our freedom at last and by his grace we will make it.


The Path to Your Ascension – Rediscovering Life’s Ultimate Purpose by Annice Booth, based on the teachings of Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.