The Secret Power of Sound

16 Oct

Sound is a part of life.  Every day we encounter a host of different sounds:  The whirl of appliances, heaters or air conditioners, voices and sound effects from the television, the drone of computers or machinery at work, people laughing, babies crying, music blaring, cash registers jingling, people cheering a team, children shouting in the playground, cars, planes, trains and buses.  We are surrounded by sounds whether we like them or not.  If we like them we tune them in.  If we don’t like them we tune them out. But either way, your subconscious records all sounds you hear.

We play music in our cars, our homes and as we go about life.  We listen to music to change our mood, to energize and inspire us.  We do this because we have experienced the power music has to transport us to from one state of being to another.  We are taking advantage of the secret power of sound even though we may not know why or how it happens.

Modern researchers in this field know.  They have found that music exerts a powerful influence upon the health and state of mind, the emotions and the physical body.  Music can change the metabolism, affect the strength of the muscles, raise or lower blood pressure and influence digestion.  It can calm the nerves or agitate them, speed up or slow down the heart beat.

Where does this power come from to change us physically, mentally and emotionally?  What is the secret power of music and sound?  How can we use it to have more energy, vitality, joy, passion, health, insight, peace and love?

Could you use any of these qualities?  Yes?  Then come and learn how.

creative power of sound

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