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Your Divine Presence

8 Jul


We have been talking about our Divine Presence.  Here is a video from Elizabeth Clare Prophet with an explanation on Your Divine Presence



Awakening Your Divine Nature

5 Jul

When we hear the word resurrection, most of us think of Jesus’ return to life after his crucifixion or of the expected return to life of all Christians at the end of time.  But resurrection does not necessarily mean the return of the physical body to life after death.  Some of the Greek words in the New Testament translated as “resurrection” also mean “awakening.”  In a mystical sense, resurrection can mean that you are changed from a state of being spiritually dead or asleep into a state of being spiritually alive and awake.  The resurrection is the awakening of the soul to her divine nature.  This realization that you are God is more than just knowing it intellectually; it is affirming and manifesting your divinity in every particle of your physical and spiritual being. When you awaken to the truth that you are God, you begin your transformation into the divine being that you were at the moment of creation.



As the Gnostic scripture the Treatise on the Resurrection tells us, “The resurrection…is the revelation of what is, and the transformation of things, and a transition into newness.”  Those who have the resurrection, the text tells us, “receive again what at first was.”  When you are resurrected, then you not only understand your divine nature, you also have access to the power that you knew at the moment of creation, when you were one with your I AM Presence.  Like the other stages on the way to union with God, the resurrection is accomplished in increments.  Each time you give the “Resurrection” decree, your entire being is infused with the flame of resurrection.  This  flame is a unique form of regenerative spiritual energy.  When you invoke the resurrection flame regularly, it will gradually open your spiritual energy centers, or chakras, so that they are capable of receiving more light, specifically the light of the ascension.

Though the flame of resurrection can also have a beneficial effect on the body, it doesn’t necessarily prevent people from dying physically.  Its primary function is to propel the soul to enter the state of eternal life, which is union with God.  Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life.  Those who believe in me, even though they die, will live, and everyone who lives and believes in me will never die.”  When we echo Jesus and say, “I AM the resurrection and the life,” and give other decrees to the resurrection flame, we are reminding ourselves that in reality we are now and forever one with the I AM Presence.  Thus, as Jesus promised, even if we die, we will live–our souls will live forever even when our bodies will have turned to dust.

As the resurrection flame is transforming your soul, it can also revitalize your body.  When you invoke the flame of resurrection, it begins to work inside your physical cells, starting with the centrosome inside of the cell and expanding out until it infuses and fills every part of your body, your mind and your emotions.  Some people have found that when they invoke the resurrection flame, they can feel the reversal of the effects of aging and disease.  Others are freed from limiting concepts about themselves and filled with the impetus and ability to do things they have always wanted to do.


I AM the Flame of Resurrection

Blazing God’s pure Light through me.

Now I AM raising every atom,

From every shadow I AM free.


I AM the light of God’s full Presence,

I AM living ever free.

Now the Flame of Life eternal

Rises up to Victory.

Meet Your Holy Christ Self–Your Dearest Friend, Guardian and Teacher

3 Jul

Jesus explained the mystery of the Christ at the Last Supper.  He took a single loaf –symbolizing the one Word, the one Christ–and broke it and said, “This is my body, which is broken for you.” He meant, “This is the body of the Universal Christ that is individualized for each one as the Christ Self.”  Though there is but one absolute God and one Universal Christ, the body of that Universal Christ can be broken and each piece will retain all qualities of the whole.

Jesus told the disciples to eat the bread.  In other words, they were meant to assimilate and become one with the Universal Christ.  Mark Prophet, the founder of The Summit Lighthouse, summed it up nicely in a lecture he gave in 1970.  He said: I see God as a great loaf; and I see the Christ, the Universal Christ, breaking the loaf.  And the crumbs I see as the individual monads, you and me.  We are all crumbs that have fallen from the Lord’s table.   We’re each a drop of water from the infinite ocean.  We all have the qualities of the whole ocean, of infinite reality, in ourselves but we lack the quantity.  And only through reunion with the ocean, when the shinning dewdrop slips into the sea, only when we merge with God and with our Real Self can we be all that we’re supposed to be. It is our sense of separation from God that keeps us from the reality of ourselves.

Christ self of chart

The first step you can take in the process of reuniting with your I AM Presence is to develop your relationship with your Christ Self–your inner teacher, guardian, and dearest friend.  He is also the voice of conscience that speaks within your heart, showing you what is right and wrong.  Emerson writes of an “unseen pilot” that is similar to the  Christ Self.  We cannot see this pilot, he says, because it is like someone walking directly behind us.  The Christ Self is the unseen hand that helps you to see where you may be blinded by your habit patterns, many of which are shaped by your past actions.  And he helps you decide the way that is the best for your soul.

Your Christ Self overshadows you wherever you are and wherever you go.  He allows you to be “Christ conscious” at all times or, to put it another way, to have the “Christ consciousness.”  When you have the Christ consciousness, you are never in doubt or afraid. You have supreme confidence in your ability to accomplish what you have set your mind to.  You receive inspiration and guidance.  One you walk under the direction of your Christ Self, you can then begin to become one with him, which will also bring you closer to oneness with your I AM Presence.  Emerson wrote that if someone obeys the unseen pilot, it will “adopt” him.  The person will then become one with the pilot.  When a person is united with the unseen pilot, he will receive “richer and greater wisdom” and lead a “heavenly life.”

As you become closer to your Christ Self, the “unseen pilot,” you’ll realize that your Christ Self is the real you.  You’ll find yourself spending more time as the real you, a part of God, and less time being cut off from God. Eventually you, like Jesus, will experience your ascension as you become one with your I AM Presence.  The ascension is completed when you are fused your I AM Presence.  Though the path to the ascension is a journey of many lifetimes, if you focus your attention on it, you can reach it at the end of your present life.  To prepare for the ascension, you need to practice becoming one with that Presence.



I AM Light, thou Christ in me,

Set my mind forever free;

Violet Fire, forever shine

Deep within this mind of mine.


God who gives my daily bread,

With Violet Fire fill my head

Till thy radiance heavenlike

Makes my mind a mind of Light.

What is The Higher Self?

1 Jul

Think of a sun, a spiritual sun.  It appears to be white-hot but it feels cool to you.  For you are a part of that sun.  You are concentrated light, energy and consciousness, bursting with potential.  This sun is the spiritual source of all life.  It doesn’t have spatial coordinates.  It’s not separated from you by distance.  It simply exists as pure Spirit.  This sun is light.  It is God.  It is your Father and your Mother.  It is called the Central Sun.  Once you enjoyed being a part of this sun.  You reveled in the feeling of oneness with all creation. But you also wanted to experiment with your potential, your own ability to create, to ensoul matter with Spirit. You entered other dimensions, sometimes creating perfectly and other times imperfectly.  You may have designed cities, created sculptures or gardens, or simply existed in a state of bliss with God’s creatures.

Then, traveling through the world of form, you first contacted imperfection.  As you interacted with others and then engaged in negativity yourself, the imperfection multiplied and boomeranged back to you.  A shadow can between you and the Sun.  You became enmeshed in imperfect creation.  You forgot what it was like to be part of the Sun.  You could not find your way back to your original state.  Lost in shadows, your fiery nature cooled.  Now you could not return home since you could no longer withstand the awesome heat of the Sun in which your spirit had been forged.  Your soul fell asleep, forgetting its origins and it potential to create as God creates.

But your Father and Mother had foreseen this.  They did not leave you alone. They gave you a replica of that Sun, an I AM Presence, so that you would always remember where you came from–and always have a way to return.  And they gave you a mediator who would bridge the gap between you and your I AM Presence and awaken your soul to her lost identity.  This mediator between God and man is called your Christ Self.  Together the I AM Presence and Christ Self make up what is commonly referred to as the Higher Self.

God Self of higher self

What is the I AM Presence?  Your I AM Presence is more than just an image or a copy; it possesses all of the qualities of the original.  It is your individual God-identity, your God Self.  And God is God is God–every particle of God contains all of the whole.   The following picture represents your I AM Presence; including your God Self, your Christ Self and you.


Your Higher Self is your Real Self, the self that you identify with today is just a tiny fraction of that mighty being that you are.  When you contact that state of oneness, you’ll find that you can once again use your God-given power to create.  And you will enjoy the bliss that you knew with God in the beginning.  You will be able to put on once again the image and likeness of God in which you were originally made.

Access the Power of Your Higher Self by Elizabeth Clare Prophet